The Paper Colony
27 minutes. VHS.


Anyplace Wild: Rowing and Sea Kayaking in Maine


The Maine Coast: A Video Tour
Experience the magic of the Maine Coast in this unique video tour. The Maine Coast: A Video Tour takes viewers to coastal towns and scenic highlights, and introduces them to the people who make any visit to this region memorable. Much of the tape is tied together with the stories and musings of Down East storyteller Robert Skoglund, who calls himself the "Humble Farmer." This 55 minute documentary updates SITE's earlier tape of the same title, with new footage exploring much more of the region. VHS.


North to Katahdin on the Appalachian Trail
North To Katahdin was eight years in the making and is a shimmering portrait of the journey. The cinematic tour de force presents a tapestry of challenges, transcendant beauty, personal triumph and intimate reflection. From the Spring flowers in the Southern Appalachians to some of the world's most daunting weather conditions on Mt. Washington, North To Katahdin bears witness to the importance of preservation of natural resources. VHS.


Sea Kayaking the Maine Island
Originally aired on PBS in 1995. 30 minutes. VHS.


Legendary Lighthouses: North Atlantic and Maine
PBS Home Video. VHS.


Video Visits: Maine


Maine by Inns


The Loons on Golden Pond


On Golden Pond
Widescreen edition of the classic, with Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn. Letterbox format. VHS.


On Golden Pond
The classic, with Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn. VHS.


On Golden Pond
Writer Ernest Thompson, who came up with the original stage play of On Golden Pond and adapted it for film, is lucky to have two giants of the screen give dignity and breadth to his sometimes trite dialogue. Henry Fonda, in his last role, plays a prickly English professor at the disagreeable age of 80. Visiting his summer house by a Maine lake with his wife (Katharine Hepburn), the old man forges an unlikely bond with a lonely boy, comes to terms with his daughter (Jane Fonda), and suffers disorienting effects of mild dementia. Even playing a tired old man, Fonda is an absolute lion of a movie star, and Hepburn brings her special spirit to the part of his worried bride. The onscreen relationship between Henry and Jane Fonda naturally makes one think about their much-discussed difficulties offscreen, but that's a side benefit in a movie that is really just a celebration of simple human decency. Directed by Mark Rydell. The DVD release has widescreen presentation, director's commentary, documentary footage on the making of the film, theatrical trailer, notes and information about the production, and optional Spanish subtitles. DVD.