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The Apostles

Handpicked by Christ, the apostles were charged with carrying the message that changed the world.

Who were these men, whom Jesus chose?

Of one thing we may be sure, no other group of men have had so wide an influence, over so long a period of time, as those whom Jesus selected, trained, and empowered.

Except in the certainty of the Word of God, and in the power given them through Christ, and the Holy Spirit, their mission would have, by all appearances, been hopeless.

The apostles were referred to as being “unlettered and ignorant men,” which implies that they were uneducated men, without social status or credentials.

They were ordinary men, who had become companions of one who was born in relative poverty, spent most of his years in obscurity, held no positions, and who lived to be only 33 years of age before being executed on a cross, hung up between two felons.


Overview of Bible Study