Photos from Soldier Pond, Maine

As with most of the towns that Iíve visited in Maine, Soldier Pond is one of the most beautiful places Iíve seen.  Although considered a part of the town of Wallagrass, Soldier Pond has a clear identity of its own.

In northern Aroostook County, Soldier Pond can be found along Highway 11, straddling the Fish River, roughly midway between Fort Kent to the north, and Eagle Lake to the south.

View of Highway 11, southbound, approaching Soldier Pond.

Although the historical record indicates that the Aroostook War was a bloodless event, as you turn east off of Highway 11 and approach the bridge over the Fish River, you will find a sign marking a Soldiers Grave from the Aroostook War 1838

Soldiers Grave - Aroostook War - 1938

Another shot of the Soldiers Grave, this one showing a slightly different view of Soldier Pond across the river.


Below, a couple of views of the Fish River, taken from the bridge leading to Soldier Pond.

Soldiers Grave - Aroostook War - 1938
Fish River looking north from the bridge in Soldier Pond.

A tributary of the St. John River, the Fish River runs from the border of New Brunswick and Maine, at Fort Kent, south to Eagle Lake, near Wallagrass Station, Maine.

The Fish River looking south from the bridge in Soldier Pond.