Left Behind: The Military Series / Mel Odom

The military series was written by Mel Odom, not Tim LaHaye or Jerry Jenkins, but I’m including it here because it parallels the hugely popular “Left Behind” series, co-authored by LaHaye and Jenkins.

The Apocalypse - or military - series takes place in the same world and under the same circumstances as does the “Left Behind” series, only it views it from a military perspective.

Other books authored by Mel Odom will be listed here as well, for the sake of convenience.



Apocalypse Dawn (Left Behind Military Series) (Volume 1) (Paperback), by Mel Odom
In a single cataclysmic moment, First Sergeant Samuel Adams "Goose" Gander finds himself center stage in the opening act of the Apocalypse. Goose and the men of the 75th Army Rangers fight to survive a massive attack on the Turkish-Syrian border. Battling his own failing faith, Goose prays for the lives of his men and the innocents who are caught in the rain of bullets and missiles. Back home, Goose’s wife, Megan, fears for her husband and rebellious teenage son while she struggles to save another family. But her life is upended by an incredible, confusing, remarkable occurrence. She’s not alone. The time of tribulation has begun. Paperback.



Crucible (Left Behind Military Series) (Volume 2) (Paperback), by Mel Odom
In the midst of global chaos, people around the world continue to search for loved ones who have vanished. First Sergeant Samuel Adams "Goose" Gander and the 75th Army Rangers fight to hold Sanliurfa, Turkey, against superior enemy forces. Goose's newfound Christian faith is being tested at every turn, and he's not sure he'll survive long enough to learn if the troubles he's facing are the result of the great events of the end times or the side effects of another terrible war. Back at Ft. Benning, Goose's wife, Megan, is struggling with the disappearance of her youngest son, worrying about a husband who is overseas and a teenage son who has run away from home. She's been brought up on charges by the parents of a missing child, and anyone who could support her claims has disappeared. As devastating as the disappearances have been … the darkest days may be ahead. Paperback.



Apocalypse Burning (Left Behind Military Series) (Volume 3) (Paperback), by Mel Odom
In the days and weeks following the Rapture, First Sergeant Samuel "Goose" Gander and his 75th Army Rangers have held firm while the Turkish/Syrian border skirmish erupted into full-scale war. As the Syrian army surrounds Sanliurfa, Turkey, the Rangers' base of operations, Goose begins to suspect he faces enemies within the city as well. Someone in his circle works for the Antichrist, and whoever it is won’t stop until Goose is destroyed. Back home at Fort Benning, Georgia, Megan Gander fights all the judicial resources of the U.S. Army. Megan sidestepped the chain of command in her quest to help teens orphaned by the Rapture, and the army wants her to back down, to stop talking about the good news of Jesus Christ's abiding love. Her refusal launches a spectacular court battle where everything she holds dear is at stake - including her freedom. With lives - souls - on the line, the fires of the apocalypse burn ever higher. Paperback.



The Rover (Rover Series) (Volume 1) (Mass Market Paperback), by Mel Odom
This amiable, inoffensive Tolkienesque fantasy from bestselling author Odom will satisfy teenage and young adult readers, but older readers might find it tedious. A mild-mannered librarian, sold as a slave and whisked away to a distant kingdom, finds his life becoming one extended adventure and his destiny wrapped up in the survival of the world. Paperback.



The Destruction of the Books (Rover Series) (Volume 2) (Mass Market Paperback), by Mel Odom
Just as aged Bilbo Baggins gives way to a new hero, Frodo, at the start of The Lord of the Rings, so does elderly Edgewick "Wick" Lamplighter, now a Grandmagister at Great Library, leave center stage to a youthful protégé, the pint-sized Juhg, in this Tolkienesque sequel, set nearly a century later, to Odom's The Rover. Paperback.



Lord of the Libraries (Rover Series) (Volume 3) (Mass Market Paperback), by Mel Odom
In Odom's winsome Tolkienesque fantasy, the third in a series that began with The Rover (2001), a month has passed since the near eradication of the Vault of All Known Knowledge and the disappearance of its chief librarian, Grandmagister Edgewick "Wick" Lamplighter, in The Destruction of All Books (2004). Now First Level Librarian Jugh, a small halfling and former slave, and his old friend, the wizard Craugh, go in search of Wick, who was last seen in hot pursuit of The Book of Time, a dangerously powerful tome that has been broken into four pieces for the world's safety. Joined by brave elves, dwarves and humans, Jugh and Craugh fight against tremendous odds in an effort to rescue Wick from evil Aldhran Khemphus. They must also discover another mysterious library and find the key to release the vault of true knowledge to all. While the series is best read in order, readers can enjoy this third volume on its own because of Odom's fluid mastery of establishing lovable characters and interweaving prime plot points from earlier books. Paperback.



The Quest for the Trilogy: A Rover Novel of Three Adventures (Rover Series) (Volume 4) (Hardcover), by Mel Odom
The secret to protecting the civilized world from an ancient threat may lie in the pages of three books and it is up to master librarians of the past and present to secure this knowledge. Set in the years after Lord of the Libraries, young halfer Juhg is still growing into his job as Grandmagister when an ally from the past, the wizened wizard Craugh, returns with warnings of an ancient threat that may resurfacethe so-called Kharrions Wrath, which endangers the existence of the world. Juhg must now unlock the secrets contained in the journals of his now absent mentor Wick, the former Grandmagister and legendary hero known as The Rover. He must also continue his documented but clandestine search for a trilogy of books, which brings him through many different realms of their very dangerous world and into conflict and contact with other races (elves, dwarves, and men) whose fates are all intertwined among the pages of the great book of Time. The Quest for the Trilogy weaves three separate quests into one as the young historian races against the clock to protect not just his world, but all others as well. Hardcover.