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Back in the days when people worked long, hard hours of physical labor, they also ate three hearty meals a day.

Today, we should consider ourselves fortunate to have one hearty meal a day, and that being usually the evening supper, eaten at the worst possible time, only hours before retiring to bed.

Instead, we grab something quick for breakfast, if anything at all, grab lunch at a fast food place, since no one comes home for dinner anymore, and we snack throughout the day.

Early cookbooks don’t have a section on snacks, although the typical multi-course meal might include several dishes that would be appropriate as snacks.

A hundred, perhaps even fifty years ago, snacks were confined to afternoon teas or meetings of the “Ladies Aid” societies and, even then, desserts were more commonly served at these functions.




Perhaps the closest thing to a snack, those many years ago, were the hors d’oeuvres that might be served at certain fancy functions, but no one I knew would have been caught dead using a word like that, let alone trying to pronounce it.

This, of course, leads me into an area where I can seldom find agreement, and that is what to call the meals.

In a three meal per day world, I would define them as such:

  • Breakfast, being the morning meal. There are no arguments there.
  • Dinner, being the afternoon meal.
  • Supper, being the evening meal.
  • Lunch, being something that you took with you if weren’t going to be able to make it home for dinner.
  • Snack, being whatever you could grab while mom wasn’t paying attention. For our purposes, we’ll place candy in that category.

Any other naming conventions are just plain wrong.

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