Photos from Wallagrass, Maine


Photographs taken in Wallagrass, or in the area of Wallagrass, Maine in October of 2001.


Wallagrass operates under a Selectmen/Town Meeting/Manager type of government. The Wallagrass Town Hall, pictured above and below, is located on Aroostook Road, also known as Route 11, north of Soldier Pond Road.


Although Wallagrass now extends north to include Soldier Pond and beyond, the map below shows the historical location of the localities. Fort Kent can be seen in the upper portion of the map and Eagle Lake is just off the map to the south.


Throughout the early settlement of the Aroostook, the boundaries were in dispute. In its efforts to remove, first the Acadians, and then the Americans from the area, the English would subject them to theft of property, arrest, and deportation.  Assistance from the population centers in Maine was slow in coming, particularly in the winter months, given the difficulty in traversing the harsh terrain.