Christian Music

I won’t use any of those corny “under construction” graphics that were all the rage in web sites a few years back, but the store portion of this site is very much under construction.

Eventually, the Music section will be separated into several sections, divided according to types of Christian music, such as gospel, country, rock, traditional, contemporary, and so on. The variety of Christian music has grown tremendously over the past several years, including some that I wouldn’t recognize as being Christian without a label. But then, I’m old and my parents thought my music was really bad too.

I guess we can’t all listen to Gregorian chants.

Please do let me know if my categorization is way off, though. My musical tastes are somewhat limited, so I haven’t actually listened to some of this stuff. Categorizing music genres can be arbitrary at best, but I’ll try not wander to far afield.

Alternative -- Chant -- Contemporary -- Country -- Hip Hop -- Rock -- Traditional -- Worship