The kfander handle stems from my BBS days, when I ran Newberry BBS and before, when I used kfander to identify myself on other Computer Bulletin Board Systems I participated in.

For those of you unfamiliar with the computer BBS, they were the forerunner of the Internet, at a time when Internet access was reserved for the military and educational institutions, continuing and growing through the period when reliable Internet access was unavailable to the general public, then declining as rapidly as access to the Internet became available in more and more parts of the country. There are still active BBSs around, but most of them are accessed through telnet rather than the standard dialup.

When the Computer BBS was in vogue, the ones that I enjoyed were those which carried discussion forums, similar to Internet forums except that new posts would not become visible to people calling into other systems until their own system did a mail run, often only once a day, late at night when both the BBS usage and the long distance rates were lower.

So in one place or another, Iíve been known as kfander since the early 1980s.  Its origin will be easy enough to figure out if you know that my full name is Kenneth Frederick Anderson, and if you can remember a time when most computers ran on DOS, with the number of characters limited to eight.

I use the handle nearly everywhere I go, where handles are acceptable, and most - but not all - kfanders will be me.  Lately, I believe that most people know me as a meta editor with the Open Directory Project at